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vsco grid y’all

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One of the best out takes from any television show, ever. 

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Me and this really small sad cat 😛🌸🐱

Kitties! 🐱💕☺️


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fat women: *gets shit on by peers, media, the fashion industry, products and marketing*
skinny women: *praised by literally everyone*
skinny women: *doesn't say shit while fat women are being put down*
Nicki: fuck skinny bitches
skinny women: what the FUCK what htE FUCK??? YOU ARE Nt gonna get ANYhwer by shMING ANY body type...we have to LOVE evyer,,,one!!!!1111
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🌙☕️✨ (at Alta Coffee & Roasting Co)

I leave and return to my bbys snuggling and reading a joke book 😛💕